Phosphorous (P):


Phosphorus's Role:

Involved in photosynthesis, respiration, energy storage     and transfer, cell division, and enlargement
Promotes early root formation and growth
Improves quality of fruits, vegetables, and grains
Vital to seed formation
Helps plants to survive ander harsh winter conditions
Increases water-use efficiency
Hastens maturity


Phosphorous deficiency symptoms:

Leaf tips look burnt, followed by older leaves turning a     dark green and the low surface turns purple.


Our Recommendation:

Green Space 12-50-12+ MgO+ T.E Suspension
Green Space 15-30-15 + T.E Soluble
Green Space 11-22-16 + MgO Granular
Green Space Phospho- Potash 75
Green Space HM10
Green Space Ca-P
Green Space Maxfruit
Green Space Phosact