Potassium (K):


Potassium's Role:

Plays a role in Carbohydrate metabolism, the break down     and translocation of starches
Increases photosynthesis
Increases water-use efficiency
Essential to protein synthesis
Important in fruit formation
Activates enzymes and controls their reaction rates
Improves quality of seeds and fruits
Improves winter hardiness
Increases disease resistance


Potassium deficiency Symptoms:

Older leaves turn wilt and look scorched with brown     margins.
Intervienal chlorosis begins at the base
Scorching inward from leaf margins.


Our Recommendation:

Green Space 10-10-60 + Mgo+ T.E Suspension
Green Space 15-15-30+ T.E Soluble
Green Space 12-12-17+ MgO
Green Space HM10
Green Space Phospho- Potash 75
Green Space Maxfruit
Green Space Sulfi- Fert